Retail Leasing – Get Your Terms Right

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Commercial lease agreements are essential for property management. However, many tenants and owners overlook their lease’s significance, which can lead to many problems, including lost income, missed opportunities, and more. It’s imperative that you consider your retail leasing terms and get everything right the first time.

What To Do

The landlord (you), should seek professional representation from a commercial lawyer, such as V.S. George Lawyers. They can help you manage everything and ensure that you are following all the rules of the law, as well as the procedures. They can also act as a consultant, inspecting lease terms and contracts you currently hold and those that you’re hoping to gain. They’ll find out of there are any problems, such as no increases when there should be, potentially saving you a lot of money.

Immediate And Long-Term

Retail leasing isn’t just about the here and now, though that is what most landlords focus on. You are there to negotiate the best deal for yourself, all while being firm and fair to the tenant. However, you can lose sight of your long-term obligations when you get caught up in the tenancy implications.

While you don’t have to go over the terms and contract with your tenant, it is advisable to do so. You can negotiate a favourable rent for the first year, upping the price by a certain percentage each year after for a specified amount of time. However, not explaining this to your tenant can lead to anger and frustration when their rent increases and they didn’t realise it was going to do so.


The goal for you is to be as transparent as possible to avoid legal situations and angry tenants later. Solicitors can help you clarify clauses and can even talk to tenants to help them understand what will happen and why.