Picture Framing – Your Secret To Making A Picture Wall Stand Apart

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Many people want to have a picture wall somewhere in their home. You may want one descending the stairs as you walk, or may prefer to choose a staircase landing as your wall. Wherever you want to place the photographs, the framing you choose is essential. While ornamental frames can be nice to help you showcase a particular photo, a picture wall may require gallery frames.

What Are Gallery Frames?

A gallery frame uses a simple moulding that’s designed to put more emphasis on the picture rather than the frame. They may use a wider frame mat to draw the eye away from the frame and to the photograph.

However, the goal is still to choose a frame that makes the picture stand out from the rest or create a whole wall of photos that stand out. Therefore, the framing you want should accentuate and complement the image instead of competing with it.

Choosing one isn’t just about picking something you like. Instead, you need to understand that the colour, type, and style of frame/mat can do something to grab the attention, which is what you want.

Types Available

Companies like Amarisco Framing & Mounting offers a wide variety of frames. They usually come in wood or metal options and can be used with frame mats if desired.

If you select metal frames, they are likely to be made with aluminium. They may be brushed with a silver finish or may be painted black or another colour that highlights the picture. Wood framing may be more attractive and may suit your needs better, as they can be stained black, white, walnut, brown, natural, or teak.

Most people choose to select one colour and style, then modify the wall by selecting differently sized pictures and frames.