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Why Spill Kits Are Essential

Spill kits are pre-packaged kits that have everything you need to clean up a spillage. Once the spill happens, you have a limited amount of time to clean it up, especially if the material is dangerous or toxic. You should have an appropriate kit in every area of your

Superior Spill Containment with Floor Bunding

Have you experienced issues with accidental liquid spills in the work area? Are you constantly addressing spills when transporting containers across your business compound? You need an established measure to improve safety in areas with high risk of hazardous or non-aggressive chemicals. Well, floor bunding is the perfect fit

Spill Response Training: Learn Correct Methods

How many employees know what to do if something spills? How many of them would do the right thing and contain it and work toward cleaning it up? Most company owners believe that everyone would do their best, but what happens if they don’t know the proper procedures or

Spill Training Courses: Why the Need

Most industries have plans in place when spills occur. Government rules usually state that you have spill kits on hand to soak up the mess and help your crew clean it up safely. However, that’s just part of the overall goal. You can’t expect the employees to clean up

Flammable Cabinets: Benefits And Importance

Many industries and companies are required to use a variety of chemicals for their daily work needs. Of course, you want to ensure that every employee is safe while they are using such things and may need to have spill kits and other options available in case of an

Why Have Spill Containment Trays Onsite

Most company owners try to make things as safe as possible for their employees to reduce downtime, sick time, and injury for which they could be liable. Therefore, it makes sense that you offer a variety of options to clean up spills. You will probably use kits that have

Clean Up And Control Dangerous Mercury With A Specialty Spill Kit

It is well-known that mercury is a dangerous element, even though it occurs naturally in nature. The vapours can affect your body’s organs negatively when inhaled, even before it is excreted from the body. Therefore, clean-up and control are essential though difficult, as mercury can be volatile at room