Superior Spill Containment with Floor Bunding

Have you experienced issues with accidental liquid spills in the work area? Are you constantly addressing spills when transporting containers across your business compound? You need an established measure to improve safety in areas with high risk of hazardous or non-aggressive chemicals. Well, floor bunding is the perfect fit for warehouses and production areas that generally have high traffic, and it reduces the likelihood of exposure to the surrounding environment before a spill kit response team arrives.

Floor bunding is a durable semi-permanent flooring barrier, which creates a containment boundary for spills in areas that accommodate large amounts of personnel and heavy machinery. Bunding ensures that chemicals and oils do not escape their storage area before spill kit treatment occurs. It also ensures that liquids, which were spilled on walkways or roadways, are contained to a smaller geographical area, and not allowed to run off into soil or water. It is meant to withstand the weight of cars, forklifts, and heavy trucks while maintaining flexibility and chemical resistance. You can research the various reputable suppliers for this product in Australia.

Ecospill supplies a unique brand called DuraBund, which can withstand heavy machinery and high foot traffic while maintaining its flexibility and chemical resistance. DuraBund can be installed directly around liquid storage or across entryways to work areas. It can be self-installed by any person who is knowledgeable about operating tools, as it has pre-moulded anchor points for dyna-bolting. However, they supply installation kits of any size to suit your installation specifications. You also have the option of using the skilled DuraBund technicians for installation purposes depending on your location. Employee safety is encouraged in all work areas, and your company can meet all Environment Protection Authority compliance requirements by using DuraBund. They offer the most reliable and superior quality floor bunding guaranteed.