Spill Training Courses: Why the Need

Most industries have plans in place when spills occur. Government rules usually state that you have spill kits on hand to soak up the mess and help your crew clean it up safely. However, that’s just part of the overall goal. You can’t expect the employees to clean up messes if they aren’t trained to do so. Spill training courses are essential to ensure that everyone knows what’s inside the kit, how to use each product, and how to be prepared for any spillage.

If you’ve already purchased spill kits or plan to in the near future, you may want to check to see if that company offers spill training courses. Many of them do not, but more are providing such services because they know it’s necessary. Make sure that there are multiple course options available and then determine which employees should have access to the training. In most cases, it’s best if everyone participates and learns the basics. You can always choose one or two from each department to have more in-depth training later.

At EcoSpill, they realise how important it is that your employees know what to do if spillage occurs. They offer fundamentals, in-depth training, and an introduction to hazardous materials. With fundamentals, you learn what to do and how to minimise the impacts of spillage. They also include an in-depth option that helps people learn about spill management and prevention. Both options cover practical applications and theory.

The basics are only two hours while the in-depth version is four hours long. Each one teaches what your teammates need to know. They make it easy because you can go to their facility or can have your spill training courses onsite, whichever is most suitable for you. Many companies prefer it onsite because they get to learn in their natural habitats.

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