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Ditch Your Spare Wheels For Self-Sealing Tyres

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While spare tyres are an excellent option to keep you on the road when you get a flat, they may not be ideal for everyone. Most vehicle owners don’t have the strength, tools or knowledge necessary to change the wheel, which renders them helpless and at the mercy of

Choosing the Right Michelin Tyres for Your Vehicle

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Over 100,000 people are employed by Michelin – one of the most successful tyre brands out there today. Each year, over 150 million tyres are produced inside the company’s many workshops and factories, with quality improving all of the time. The fact that Michelin owns other tyre companies worldwide,

What to Remember Before and During Your Visit to Used Car Dealerships

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Ah yes, it’s that time again – time to buy a new car. Your old, beat-up clunker just isn’t going to make it another season and you need to secure a reliable ride for the New Year. Don’t let the car buying process have you turned upside down and