Choosing the Right Michelin Tyres for Your Vehicle

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Over 100,000 people are employed by Michelin – one of the most successful tyre brands out there today. Each year, over 150 million tyres are produced inside the company’s many workshops and factories, with quality improving all of the time. The fact that Michelin owns other tyre companies worldwide, such as Uniroyal and BF Goodrich, means that you can put your trust in this brand. Every motorist’s driving habits differ and therefore, it is essential that you know what to look for when making a purchase. Let the following tips be of good use when replacing your old tyres.

Understanding If You Need New Tyres

Don’t waste time checking the size of your tyres and browsing the inventory of Michelin tyres before understanding if you definitely need to buy new products. Using a tread depth measuring device, find out how worn the existing tyres are. If you can no longer see the grooves and patterns on the rubber, tyre replacement will be worthwhile. Monitor your vehicle’s fuel consumption and handling too, because if both of these things dwindle, chances are you will need to get new tyres fitted before safety on the roads is really affected.

Performance Characteristics

The only bit of contact your vehicle actually has with the roads is the tyre. With that being said, you can see how vehicle performance is affected by the type of tyres fitted on your motor. Michelin tyres are carefully manufactured to perform well in all weather conditions. The range of products are said to improve safety, thanks to the stability they provide when the vehicle is moving at a high speed. Turning and breaking will be a lot easier, and the life of both the tyre and the vehicle will extend.

The Size, Quality and Price

Michelin tyres meet strict safety standards, so you can feel confident when navigating your way around some of the bumpiest roads in the poorest of conditions! Overall, the driving experience will enhance once the tyres have been fitted, so long as you select the right size. Don’t feel perplexed when you look at all of those numbers and letters that are etched onto the sidewall of the tyre, because they basically indicate the section width, the aspect ratio, the rim diameter, the load rating and the speed rating. Michelin manufacturers use high-quality materials during the construction of every product, thus improving fuel economy and stopping distances for the driver.

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