Ditch Your Spare Wheels For Self-Sealing Tyres

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While spare tyres are an excellent option to keep you on the road when you get a flat, they may not be ideal for everyone. Most vehicle owners don’t have the strength, tools or knowledge necessary to change the wheel, which renders them helpless and at the mercy of passers-by and towing companies. Luckily, there are many puncture technologies available, making it easier to continue driving when you get a flat. Plus, you can visit Canterbury Tyre & Mag Supamart to get new ones as they become necessary.


Seal-inside tyres can fix themselves if they get a puncture because they use sealant behind the tread so that air cannot escape when the tyre in punctured. It works even when the item is still embedded in the tread and when it is removed. Likewise, the protection is immediate, so you’re not compromised and can continue to drive.

However, it does mean that you may be unaware that a puncture has occurred, so it’s best to check them periodically for holes and problems.


The run-flat tyre is another self-sealing version that is designed to let you continue driving for up to 50 miles at reduced speed once you get a flat. While it’s not as good as the self-sealing version, it can allow you to get to a preferred garage or safely get off the road.


Compressor kits aren’t the sale as self-sealing tyres, but they can offer a temp fix until you can get to a garage. They’re not as big as spare wheels and are easier to use. Some people prefer to use them in conjunction with sealant to re-inflate and patch punctures. Others prefer to use space-saving tyres with compressor kits to save space. Either option can work depending on your needs and preferences.