Clean Up And Control Dangerous Mercury With A Specialty Spill Kit

It is well-known that mercury is a dangerous element, even though it occurs naturally in nature. The vapours can affect your body’s organs negatively when inhaled, even before it is excreted from the body. Therefore, clean-up and control are essential though difficult, as mercury can be volatile at room temperature. Likewise, the vapours are odourless and colourless, which means it can scatter without you knowing. Only trained responders should deal with this type of spill, though you should do your best to clean it up with a mercury spill kit before they arrive to reduce the effects.

An Explanation

Mercury spill kits from EcoSpill include everything you need to clean up and absorb mercury, as well as dispose of it safely. They contain absorbent alloy wool, which can remove this dangerous substance from flat and irregular surfaces. Likewise, it comes with step-by-step instructions that are widely accepted with COSHH and other methodologies. Plus, you’ll get all the Personal Protective Equipment and tools needed to ensure everyone’s safety.

Once the mercury has been collected, it must be placed in a sealed container. These specialty kits offer shatter and leak proof containers for efficient and safe disposal. Plus, the container is red to distinguish it from other kits and containers.

Helpful Removal Tips

Even though instructions are included, it is imperative that you clean the spill as soon as possible. Therefore, those who have to work near or with mercury should be thoroughly trained on how to handle spillage before it happens.

You can also purchase mercury monitors to determine if mercury is in the air, which can be used during and after cleanup. You will first scoop the mercury up with a pump tube, scoop or another device (included with the spill kit), making it easier to handle the spillage quickly.