Plantation Shutters: Perfect for Many Homeowners

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If you’re looking for a window treatment or a way to cover the windows, you may want to consider plantation shutters. They’re highly versatile and can be less expensive than other options, such as roller shutter systems.

While some people think they’re a little outdated, it’s best to think of them as a classic option. Even in more modern homes, they look beautiful and add a touch of whimsy. Your home can look unique and different than others, which ensures that your personality shines throughout the home.

Plantation shutters are perfect for a variety of areas. In fact, many homeowners in Australia use them exclusively on every window. You also have many options available. Large windows can have full shutters, or you can choose to do the bottom half only. That way, you can always let in some natural light without making the space too hot or too bright. Those who want a truly bespoke window option may find that these shutters work perfectly for their needs. You’ve got a variety of colours or stains to choose from, but also have many materials and sizes available.

At SP Screens, they make it easy to choose your plantation shutters. Their website holds all the information you need to make a decision. The first step is to select the most appropriate material, such as timber or fauxwood. They’ve also got basswood available, as well. Then, you can choose the colour you desire, such as white, Jasper, monument, silhouette, and more. If you select timber, you’ve got a variety of stain colours available, as well. Once you’ve chosen the material and colours, you can choose your design and opening features. There are three different blade sizes available, as well as shapes. If you’ve got a hexagon-shaped window or a French-door-style window, you can still get these shutters.