Security Screen Doors: Installation Benefits

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If you want your home to be more secure, the doorway is the first line of defence. It’s also the first place that thieves are likely to check. If you don’t lock your doors or have a flimsy lock without any other deterrents, thieves are likely to spend the few minutes it would take to break in. Security screen doors prevent such easy access; thieves may still try to gain access, but they will quickly leave when they realise that they aren’t making progress. They don’t want to stand in front of your doorway for too long because it would raise suspicion.

Security screen doors can also be used to keep unwanted bugs out of your house. The biggest issue Australian homeowners face each spring and summer is keeping energy costs low while remaining cool and comfortable. The best thing to do is to open the windows and doors to allow the fresh breeze inside. You can also reduce your energy consumption by utilising natural light. The trouble is that insects are likely to fly inside, as well. These pests can be dangerous (bees and wasps), annoying and dirty (flies and mosquitoes), and more. With a screened door, you can leave the front door open and lock the screen door to allow the breeze in without attracting thieves.

SP Screens has a variety of products to help you remain secure and safe. Security screen doors can include the Eclipx brand made of 316 stainless steel mesh or the Xceed brand, which uses perforated aluminium sheets. If you want something that’s as durable as possible, the Eclipx brand might be better. However, aluminium is also quite durable and lightweight, which can be suitable for many homes. You can talk to a professional about your options and get advice if you’re not sure what you require.

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