Security Screens: Screening for Safety

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Regardless of where you live, your doors and windows are the primary entry points into your home. Of course, you and your family are likely to use the front door, but thieves and other intruders will try all entry points to try to get inside. Therefore, it is up to you to have durable windows/doors and security screens in place. The knowledge that your doors and windows have been secured with a durable and effective security screen allows you to relax and enjoy your time both while you are at home or away.

Security screens come in a variety of styles, from sliding security screen doors to fixed security window screens, but they all resemble traditional mesh screens. In contrast to traditional mesh screens, these security screens are made of stronger material such as aluminium or stainless steel. The security screen has been designed to allow for visibility looking out, while those who are outside cannot easily see inside the home. This fantastic feature is just one of the privacy benefits of security screens and also allows homeowners to keep their windows and doors safely open, knowing that the locked screen is protecting them from intruders. Leaving your doors and windows open to let in natural light and fresh air creates a pleasant living space but can also significantly reduce your electricity bills.

SP Screens offers a variety of security screens, including SecureView EclipX – a stainless steel screen that is ideal for harsher climates and can be colour matched to your home. Another security screen options is Xceed – an aluminium panel, highly durable and corrosion-resistant security screen. SP Screens also offer diamond grilles, which can be installed over doors and windows. They offer some protection but less privacy. However, they do look better than steel bars and can be colour matched to your home. Whatever your preference, our staff are here to help you find a safe and stylish security solution that is perfect for your home.