Grass-Fed Beef: Buyers Guide For The Best Meat

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Even a few years ago, grass-fed beef wasn’t as popular and wasn’t heard very often. Now, however, people are becoming more environmentally and health conscious and want healthier meat options. In the past, your options were to buy a whole or half cow and freeze it to use at your leisure. Now, however, you can buy them per kilogram, online, in grocery stores and other areas.

Feeding Patterns

Almost every cow is fed various grasses that are local. However, toward the end of their lives, cows are fed grains and seeds to help fatten them up. Sometimes, they may also eat silage and hay, along with a variety of vitamins and chemicals to bulk them up and help them grow faster. Grass-fed beef is different in that the cows take longer to develop. Plus, it will taste better and will not include chemicals or hormones.


Because grass-fed beef isn’t fed the same foods, they won’t be as fat when they are slaughtered. While some people dislike leaner cows, it is excellent for health-conscious consumers. However, it can also lead to tougher meat, which is why they are aged longer and will have a different (but delicious) flavour. Likewise, they may need to be cooked slightly different or for less time.

Most people are amazed when they go to clean the pan from cooking and notice no grease. Once you try grass-fed beef, you may not be able to go back to traditional options.

How To Buy

It is always a good idea to use a reputable and trusted source, such as The Meat Shop. You have no other way of knowing if the beef was grass-fed unless the butcher or shopkeeper tells you. Likewise, shopping online means you can have the meat whenever you wish and don’t have to buy in bulk unless you want to do so.

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