How To Improve Your Love Life And Cure Erectile Dysfunction

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One in five men over age 40 has some degree of ED in Australia. Those statistics are alarming for men in their 40s because they want an active sex life and want to please their woman. However, these stats don’t have to rule your life because there is a cure for erectile dysfunction. The initial sign of ED is that you cannot get or keep an erection. However, the cause and treatment plan aren’t so cut and dry and requires the use of a specialist, such as Men’s Erectile Solutions.

The Honest Facts

Most men don’t realise that ED can be both emotional and physical. The symptoms are usually physical, in that they cannot get an erection or can’t maintain it throughout the lovemaking. However, the physical sign can be trigger by emotional problems or be made worse. For example, if you have a stressful day, don’t eat right or worry that you won’t be able to perform in bed, you may make it worse and not be able to do so.

An erection happens when blood flow to the area surges. When the blood flow is restricted, the penis will go back to its resting state. Therefore, medications and other remedies must focus on increasing blood flow and keeping it maintained throughout the lovemaking session.

The Cause

For most men, the cure of erectile dysfunction isn’t about taking a little blue pill. It may require extensive counselling to determine the root of the problem. It may also require you to take medical tests to ensure that there are no physical problems.

If you smoke cigarettes or cigars, you should consider quitting, as smoking restricts the blood vessels throughout the body. Obesity can also be linked to ED, which is why many doctors promote healthy eating and exercising regularly.