Things You Should Know Before Hiring a Glass Repair Company

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Cracks, chips and scratches can not only leave the windows on your property looking shabby and outdated but also, they can pose a safety hazard. When glass is damaged in some way (even in the slightest way) its strength will reduce and the chances of it shattering will increase. Considering the fact that many intruders and burglars break an entry via the windows and doors on a property, this is a very worrying fact. Prior to getting in contact with the glass repair specialists at Central Glass, there are some essential things you should make yourself familiar with to ensure you are hiring the right kind of help.

The Method of Glass Repair

You could attempt to fix broken glass on your own by following manufacturer specifications, or you could get in contact with a professional glass repair company for assistance. There is more to the job than simply selecting a new window pane and securing it in place with putty – the professional will need to take measurements, carefully remove the broken glass and oil the frames. Make sure that the glass repair specialist is wearing gloves and personal protective equipment (PPE) at all times.

Available Replacement Options

It is completely up to your personal preferences and budget as to what type of glass replacement you choose. A glass repair company should be able to fit single-pane glass, frosted glass, etched glass, double glazed windows, triple glazed windows, tempered glass, etc. If the company you work with has a showroom or website, take a look to determine what would be the best option.

Level of Experience

A minimum of 3-5 years of experience is what you should be looking for in a glass repair specialist. Not only should they have worked on residential properties in the past but also, on commercial properties, such as shop front window replacement. Like us on Facebook.