Steel Doors: Keep Intruders At Bay

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The entryway into your home is one of the most focused-on aspects of any residential place. People want them to look good, both inside and out, but they rarely focus on security or safety. This is where many people fail because it’s easier for thieves and criminals to gain access to your home through a wooden door.

They’re easier to break into, which means you could risk losing your possessions. Steel doors are a superior option because they are stronger and more durable, but they can still look excellent from the other side.

Steel doors are usually misunderstood; people think they have steel bars over their current door. You can do this, but that’s not what a steel door is. It is a product that completely made of steel and designed to go over your current door system. To people passing by, it looks decorative in nature, but the fact is that thieves can’t get to the door and into your home with one of these on it. Plus, you can use them on a variety of doors, including the front, back, and patio door. They come in a variety of sizes, patterns, and colours to suit your needs.

At SP Screens, they know a thing or two about security, so they ensure that they offer the highest-rated products on the market. You can use them for a variety of needs, including window screens, privacy gates, and more. However, where they truly excel is in steel doors. They can be powder-coated for any colour, the door is fitted into a steel frame, and the whole ensemble uses heavy duty hinges. Along with such, the internal aspect of the door is fitted with a solid steel bar, which gives you added protection from kick-ins and other forceful entry options.

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