Aviation Audits In Sydney: Why BARS

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There are many aviation audits in Sydney available, but one of the most sought-after ones is the BARS version. The Basic Aviation Risk Standard audit focuses on a risk-based model that helps you see actual threats with your current operations. It aims to provide you with an objective view of your organisation’s processes and safety systems. You’ll find that multiple companies and industries can benefit from such an audit, including resources and mining companies, humanitarian organisations, and government departments.

Aviation audits in Sydney are designed to determine how your system is working and what, if anything, needs to be improved. In most cases, there is always something more that you can do. The BARS program comes in two forms: the comprehensive and core stream. The Comprehensive stream is a rigorous BARS audit and focuses on evaluating how effective your implemented controls are. The Core stream is designed for operators that want to participate but on a reduced commitment. The one that you choose for your organisation is based upon many things, including your circumstances, client requirements, organisational goals, and more.

AvLaw has a variety of services available to its clients. One of them includes aviation audits in Sydney, which are essential to ensure that your organisation is safe and compliant. The company is an accredited BARS company and operates within the Flight Safety Foundation’s BARS program. The qualified auditors here can conduct the BARS audit from anywhere in the world. They can guide the registration process for BARS, but they’re focused on helping you achieve the best and most cost-effective solutions for your business. The company joined the Program nine years ago, and the team is now experienced and knowledgeable in the BAR standard. Along with BARS audits, the company can conduct a gap analysis for any operator who wants to gauge their level of performance.

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