What Do I Need in Order to Hire a Crane?

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Some lifting tasks may not be possible to accomplish without the use of special machinery and equipment, such as a crane. Crane hire is offered by many companies throughout Australia, such as Tooleys Crane Hire. Commonly used on construction sites, cranes don’t necessarily require much space to be set up and used, nor will they have trouble accessing areas with limited space. Whether it is a demolition job you have recently completed or property construction, it’s worth reducing the risks of hazards on your land by finding someone you can hire a crane from. Before you do so, understand what it required for a rental.

Health and Safety Equipment

It’s not just heavy items that a crane will be able to hold but also, people. It is for this reason that health and safety equipment must be included in the price of crane rental. A necessity for accomplishing any lifting task, health and safety equipment may include hoists and slings. Vital tools for use in any industry where cranes are operated, improper use can have devastating results, so don’t overlook the importance of using this equipment.

Crane Hire Accessories

A broad selection of crane hire accessories should be made available from the people that you choose to hire a crane from. The type of accessory you require will depend entirely on the project that is set to take place. Some examples of the most commonly used types of accessories needed to rent a crane include a man box, rubbish bin, rescue cage, block cage, brick cage and concrete kibble.

Supervision from a Professional

It is unlikely that you will be allowed to operate the crane alone, unless you are licensed to do so. If not, a professional will supervise you to ensure safety is not at risk. For general crane hire, expect someone who carries an Engineering Certificate to function the machine.

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