Why Have Spill Containment Trays Onsite

Most company owners try to make things as safe as possible for their employees to reduce downtime, sick time, and injury for which they could be liable. Therefore, it makes sense that you offer a variety of options to clean up spills.

You will probably use kits that have absorbents and disposal features, but what happens if the spillage flows throughout the facility? It makes sense to use spill containment trays for any application, even small containers. Even a small amount of hazardous liquid or material could be dangerous to the entire facility, so it makes sense to keep them contained in one, easy-to-clean area.

When focused on purchasing spill containment trays, you should make sure that they are made of polyethylene, which means they will be compatible with almost every chemical. The base should be yellow in colour to warn others that chemicals are nearby and to be careful. They are likely to be raised, but should still have a low profile so that you can easily get heavy items on them using a ramp and dolly system. You may also find grating that can elevate the container from the spillage, ensuring that there is less mess and a reduced risk of fire and explosion.

At EcoSpill, they offer pallet-sized options that are made using 100 percent polyethylene. They can withstand a variety of chemicals, corrosives, and acids, and guard against leaks and spills by trapping any liquid in the body of the pallet. They also offer drain plugs to recover the liquid. These products are compliant with EPA rules and regulations, as well. You’ll find a variety of sizes and heights available for all of your needs. Spill containment trays can keep dangerous liquid trapped inside while allowing you to recover it or clean it up efficiently.

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