What Party Planning Software Should Do For You

When you plan an event, you’ve got endless tasks and tons of details to consider. Even smaller parties can require a lot of planning, which means you’ve got a big job ahead of you. Most people rush to the Internet to search for planners, but you can do things yourself, get that feeling of proud accomplishment, and not go crazy in the process. Party planning software from GoldenTix can ensure that your parties are the highlight of the year for those who are invited. Whether you need a birthday party, anniversary, wedding, bachelor, or another party option, you can get everything organised quickly and efficiently.

Your Work

While party planning software can do most of the work for you, you must still have all the details. For example, you need to know where the event will be (venue), catering needs, wait-staff if necessary, and the dates/times. Once you have all of this information, you input it into the programme, and it will be broken down appropriately into categories.

Plus, it will help you create or organise checklists to ensure that everything is ready, including entertainment, beverages/food, guest lists, invitations, décor, and everything else.


If you need to do so, you can also track your budget with party planning software. After you input everything, you will be able to add information, including prices, and keep a running tab on what you’ve spent and what you still have available.


It is imperative that you have enough room for all of your guests. Party planning software may include design options, where you can upload a picture of the venue or create an image based on the place you’ve selected. This will help you determine how many tables/chairs you can have, as well as places for the dance floor (if applicable), and places for waiters/catering.

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