Why Deck Staining Is Needed

by | Apr 27, 2017 | Deck Builder

Many homeowners have decks on the back of their home to make it easier to entertain and enjoy the outdoors. However, they may not realise that these areas need maintenance, which requires deck staining. The two biggest reasons to consider such work is to enhance the appearance of the wood and to increase the life expectancy of the wood. They are designed to make the wood look more beautiful and protect against warping and rotting. You’ll find a variety of colours to complement your home’s style and can even find environmentally friendly options that are considered green.

Decks are always going to be exposed to the Australian elements, which is why you should do whatever you can to protect it. The solution isn’t as simple as most homeowners believe. Decks must be cleaned first, whether it is new or old. Power washing is the best option and will remove mildew, mould, and scale build up. Sometimes, sanding is also required to remove roughness so that the stain will be absorbed correctly. Contrary to popular belief, deck staining isn’t always required every year. If you choose quality stains, you may only have to have it done every three to five years.

While homeowners can choose to make it a DIY project, it is usually best to hire the professionals at Deck Seal Revival. They have the experience and tools necessary to do the job right. Because they have to be power washed before they can be stained, it is imperative that you choose a professional. Power washing can be damaging to the wood if it isn’t done properly. You’ll find both water-based and oil-based varieties, though many professionals prefer water-based sealants. Deck staining is an essential part of maintenance for decks everywhere, so if you haven’t already, consider this process for your home.

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