Could Boat Share Be The Best Option To Own A Dream Yacht?

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Owning a boat is many people’s dream and ensures that you have an excellent and luxurious lifestyle. However, average people may not be able to afford boats, but still want to own their dream yacht. Primarily, cost is the drawback of boat ownership, which is why more and more people are turning to boat-share options.

Why Pay For It All?

Boats are extremely expensive to purchase and can cost a lot to run and maintain. Once you buy it, you’ll likely spend about 10 percent of the total purchase price each year maintaining it, which is why more and more people consider boat share. With this, you can use the whole yacht for a specified amount of time each year. You usually get to choose when you use it and won’t have to pay for the maintenance and deal with all the hassles.

Should You Consider Fully-Managed?

Fully-managed boat share options mean that another company handles all the aspects of maintaining the yacht. You just show up, walk onto the vessel and sail away. You can go with friends, family or by yourself. Companies like Luxury Boat Syndicates will ensure that the vessel is fuelled, cleaned and ready for action. When you’re finished, you go back to the marina, turn in the keys and go back home without all the extra hassles.


Primarily, the benefits are that you don’t have to clean, fuel or maintain the yacht, but you still get to use it when you want, as long as you follow the rules in the contract.

Most contracts require that you request use of the vessel up to a month in advance. You get to use it and will pay the management company a fee. The costs can vary, depending on how many people use the vessel and how frequently you take it out on the water.