The Newest Form Of Dentistry Is The LANAP Dental Procedure

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Lasers have been used in thousands of applications throughout the last few years, and one of the newest forms can be found in the world of dentistry. The LANAP (Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure) is a process that helps adults deal with periodontitis in a new way. Periodontitis is a gum disease that can damage your gums, ultimately leading to tooth loss if nothing is done. It can be painful and traditional treatments can also be extremely painful. However, LANAP procedures are more effective than traditional options and are painless in the bargain.


Traditional methods of periodontitis disease included scaling. Dentists had to get into the gums to see how far the disease had spread, which was painful and difficult to do. Now, however, lasers can treat the condition. Your gums are examined to see how far the disease is and then a laser is used to damage unhealthy tissue and remove it so that the healthy areas don’t get contaminated. Likewise, new tissue can begin to grow.

Once LANAP is finished, the dentist at National Periodontics will use hand tools to remove the particles from your mouth, and then the laser is used once more to close up your gums so that bacteria cannot enter again.


The LANAP dental procedure is painless, and no anaesthetic is used for the process. Likewise, there’s less bleeding than the traditional method of treatment, which means you’ll lose less blood.


The time it takes to recover from this procedure is much shorter than standard procedures. In many cases, it takes a few hours for the treatment, and you can get back to normal activities within a day or so. Likewise, you won’t have as many follow-up visits to see how the gums are healing.

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