Teeth Implants – Creating Happier Lives And Eliminating Tooth Loss

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The loss of a tooth or multiple teeth can lead to embarrassment, pain, discomfort, and the shifting of the teeth or bone loss. While it is important to try and prevent the loss of teeth whenever possible, it does happen. Therefore, you may want to consider teeth implants from KB Village Dental. While dentures can slip and must be removed, an implant provides you with better speech and appearances, more comfort, easier chewing/eating, better health, convenience, and durability.

What Are They?

An implant is similar to the tooth root and is considered an artificial root for the missing tooth. It is placed into the jaw and is made of metal, usually titanium. Once everything has healed, a tooth-shaped cap is placed over the post, giving you the appearance of a natural tooth.

Unlike dentures, teeth implants are fixed, permanent and offer support to the jaw and mouth. They are designed to look, fit and feel just like regular teeth.

How They Work

An implant is designed to fuse with the jawbone over time, becoming permanent. Because it can take months for this to happen, it isn’t considered a quick-fix solution for tooth loss. However, once the procedure and healing time is complete, you may be able to live a happier and more fulfilling life.


Teeth implants can be a healthier alternative than dentures. Once they are placed, you will be able to brush and clean them the same as your regular teeth. They won’t require grinding down of your other teeth, like bridges may require and they won’t have to be removed for cleaning and at night. Your current teeth are left intact and whole, which could support better oral health the rest of your life. Likewise, they will never need to be replaced like dentures or bridges might require.

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