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As a marketer, or as someone who is interested in finding an online marketer to assist with business exposure, you should be aware of some insider SEO facts. The world of search engine optimisation has come a long way over the years. Being aware of the latest trends and content relevancy is essential for getting ranked well on the search engines. With 75 percent of SEO being done off-page and the remaining 25 percent being done on-page, knowing what people are searching for and adding persuasive descriptions to pages is a must. Read on to learn more about the basics of SEO and how it could expand your business in no time at all.


Not a lot of newbie online marketers are fully aware of the importance of placing relevant backlinks on their websites and blogs. Backlinks are basically hyperlinked keywords that refer to an authority website. They might also refer to another page on your website that relates to what’s being discussed. Links should be pointing to and from your website in the most natural way possible, otherwise Google might penalise your site, and this will really hurt your rankings. SEO backlinks should not be spammy, so make sure you hire someone who knows what they are doing.


Every website should have a blog integrated into its design nowadays. A blog will give web users something to read about, whether this is related to your services and products, or the topic in general. Informative content that has the right SEO tactics put into place, such as keyword-rich content, will result in a spike in traffic levels. Well-researched blog posts with backlinks will also make your business appear to be a trusted source, so getting ahead of the competitors won’t be too difficult.

Optimising Your Pages    

All pages on your website must be SEO optimised if you want to succeed at attracting visitors. The titles, the content, the CTA, the image descriptions and the meta tags must all be optimised. Once optimised, the site will be SEO friendly and this will improve your ranking on Google. Duplicate content could cause rankings to drop, so avoid the lazy copy-and-paste technique and instead, outsource the work to an SEO expert. Professional content writers will know what keywords to use, how to write engaging content, and how many times to place the keyword in the content.

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