Planning your kitchen cabinet designs

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One of the most enjoyable and rewarding part of a kitchen renovation is planning your kitchen designs. Many people see their kitchen as the heart of their home; it is where family members tend to gather while someone quietly goes about preparing a meal. A well thought out design will ensure that you get the most out of your space, both in terms of cabinets and work surfaces while at the same time providing a host of interesting touches. Many people enjoy the planning stage as a DIY project while others prefer to work with a design professional.

When it comes to major projects around the home, and planning a new kitchen is certainly one of them, it is extremely important to have a confirmed budget to work with. A kitchen project can cost a great deal of money, you must know in advance how much you can spend; with this information at hand you can make informed choices as you go along.

Start with a scale layout of your kitchen, use graph paper so you can draw and erase to your heart’s content. As you are dealing with designing cabinets it is important that the location of the existing appliances is included on the sketch, in the majority of cases the refrigerator, stove and dishwasher will remain as they are, this is also true with the location of the sink. Even if your project includes new appliances you can save a great deal of money by keeping the positions as they are otherwise you are going to be faced with relocating or adding electrical and plumbing.

A big part of planning your kitchen designs is to incorporate that which you enjoy doing. If you like baking you might consider a kitchen island which is shorter than the traditional counter height, this makes it much easier to knead and roll out dough. If you tend to have a lot of guests and entertain a lot you might want to consider a long counter that can be used as a service space for food and beverages.

There is no end to the cabinet designs available, so many that the choice can actually be overwhelming. Although you are going to be faced with making a choice, do it with your needs in mind. Once you have assessed your needs and know your budget, planning your kitchen alongside a professional designer can be a great deal of fun knowing in advance that you will end up with the kitchen you have dreamed of for years.

When you are planning your kitchen designs you will be better off doing it with a professional designer that knows what products are available and how to make them fit within your concept and budget. You are invited to contact Business Name and book a free in-home kitchen design.

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