How To Tell If A Wedding Marquee Is Best For Your Big Day?

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When considering wedding venues, you’ve got a wide variety of options today. Most people want to do something a little different, which can include wedding marquee hire. With such, you’ve got a multitude of styles and locations available that may not have been available before. However, determining what’s right for you and your needs can be daunting and challenging.

What They Are

Traditional wedding marquees are metal-framed structures that may or may not have poles and need ground stakes. Traditional marquees will require poles and stakes, but more modern versions are considered pop-up marquees and only require weights to keep them in place. However, clear-span marquees can be more contemporary and won’t have poles in the middle of the marquee, which can take up space and require you to rearrange furniture and people.

Any Time

While marquees are thought of during summer months when the weather is beautiful, they can be used all year round, which makes them perfect for a wedding in late fall or early spring. You’ll have shade from the sun, but also some protection from wind and rain, making it perfect for almost any time of the year.


Places like Harts Party Hire offer a wide variety of marquees and options to consider. You’ll find whatever you need, and they’ll come to your home or the venue location to help you decide which may be best. Likewise, you may not spend as much on the wedding, as you can have it at home in your garden or on a beach nearby.

You may also choose to hire a wedding marquee for any overflow. You know that the guest list is bound to grow and some people may invite others without telling you. It’s best to be prepared in these cases, so everyone has a place to sit and a place to relax when not dancing and celebrating the happy couple.

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