Green Walls – An In-Depth Look At Vertical Planting Trends

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Green walls are nothing new, but people still seem to be amazed when noticing them for the first time. While some are elaborate and take up 10 floors, others are small and used for homeowners who want a touch of green without a large space or a lot of work. This upward planting trend was started by Patrick Blanc, a French botanist. You can see his work in a variety of large cities around the world. While the process is complicated, requiring nearly soil-less plants to be stapled onto foam boards and covered with capillary blankets to hold the plant in place, it is an exceptional and beautiful option for those who want greenery without the hassles of caring for it.

Big Vs. Small

While some people believe that you can’t scale it down for smaller homes and still provide that “WOW” factor, they are incorrect. Places like VertiScape offer a wide variety of budget-friendly options, making it easy to have a green wall in almost any location. They can help with installations of vertical gardens, green roofs, moss, and landscaping, as well as a wide variety of other services. You can choose to have your entire backyard renovated or install a simple vertical garden to be part of this growing trend.


If you’ve decided to install a green wall, you’ve got some things to consider. For example, you’ll need to determine the type of wall and sizing, as well as direct sunlight. You’ll also want to pick bigger, sturdy plants for the bottom and smaller, lighter plants for the top areas. It’s also important to consider watering needs of the various plants you choose. Many companies specialise in green walls and can help you select the best options to fit your needs.