How Emotionally Focused Therapy Can Help

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There are many people out there who have tried counselling and found that it didn’t work. However, there are a variety of treatments out there, so it makes sense that one may be more suitable for you and your family than another.

The goal is to find something that works, which is where emotionally focused therapy (EFT) can help. Negative cycles are seen and acknowledged, but then they are healed so that love and safety can be restored. You’ll learn which patterns aren’t working and will also find out how to stop them, allowing for a deeper connection and more understanding in your relationship.

Emotionally focused therapy can work for a variety of issues, such as when one person suffers anxiety, depression, or something more. It can also help new moms deal with the issues of parenthood, such as changes in the body, the feeling of being tired/exhausted, and more. You can each use it separately to deal with issues, or the therapist can see you both together as a couple to work through common couple’s issues. If you’ve decided to seek professional help for your problems, you may want to ask the therapist if they use EFT and how they utilise it.

At From 2 to 3, their goal is to provide relationship counselling for those who are entering into parenthood. Whether you already have a baby or are currently pregnant, they will help you deal with your emotions. They understand that it can be a troubling time for some, especially when finances aren’t the best. However, they also realise that the best way to care for yourself and your new family is to be present in the moment. Emotionally focused therapy can help you and your spouse connect with each other and with the new baby.